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How to Test Your Microphone

  1. Initiating the Microphone Test - To commence your microphone assessment, there's no need for any additional software downloads. Simply click on the "Check microphone" button to initiate the test. The evaluation will take place directly in your browser.

  2. Granting Device Access - In order to conduct the test effectively, you must grant access to your devices by selecting "Allow" in the ensuing pop-up window.

  3. Operational Microphone - If your microphone is functioning properly, the produced sounds will be showcased on the "Microphone activity" chart. Additionally, these sounds can be heard through your speakers or headphones.

  4. Troubleshooting Non-functional Microphones - In the event of a malfunctioning microphone, do not fret. Explore the potential causes outlined below; the issue might not be as dire as it seems.

Possible Reasons for Mic Malfunction

  • Mic Connection Issue - It's possible that your microphone isn't properly connected to your computer, or the plug isn't fully inserted into the connector.

  • Cable Interruption - Mic functionality may be compromised due to interrupted wires connecting it to the computer.

  • Disabled Mic in Settings - Although the device may be operational, it could be disabled by software within the operating system.

  • Mic in Use by Another Application - If another application is utilizing your microphone, it may not be available for other applications to access.

  • Browser Access Disabled - Ensure that microphone access is enabled in your browser settings. Detailed instructions can be found on the relevant page.

  • Mic Damage - While mic malfunctions are rare, it's possible that your microphone could be damaged. If so, consider it a stroke of bad luck.

  • Absence of a Microphone - If you still don't possess a microphone, it's time to acquire one. Research how to select the most suitable option for your needs.